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5/20/2015 - Fox Business Network's Adam Shapiro Breaks the Story on the FAA's Shady Hiring Practices!

Adam Shapiro from the Fox Business Network recently did a six month investigation into the shady hiring practices of the FAA when it came to the Biographical Questionare.  See more inside their segment:




4/24/2015 - H.R.1964: Air Traffic Control Hiring Act

Representative Hultgren has reintroduced HR5675 from last year, which has been renamed HR 1964 Air Traffic Control Hiring Act.  Both parties have co-written the bill and it has garnered support from across the isle including:


Dan Lipinski (IL-3)

Randy Hultgren (IL-14)

Cheri Bustos (IL-17)

Vicky Hartzler (MO-4)

Matt Salmon (AZ-5)

Tim Ryan (OH-13)


To read more about it please go to:




If you want to email your rep regarding the support of this bill:


**Create an account first or you will not be able to support the bill on Open Congress nor able to email your rep from the page **

- Click the support button on the right side.

- enter your details to find your congressman

- send letter

- if you cannot find your congressman, go to

- enter zip code and go to your rep's website to find their email to send your letter to.

4/16/2015 - H.R.5675: Safe Towers Act

We were informed this week that H.R. 5675 will be coming back to congress very shortly courtesy of Congressman Randy Hultgren!  The bill will no longer be named HR 5675 and will receive its new name once it reaches the floor of congress.  Stasy tuned for updates!

10/4/2014 - H.R.5675: Safe Towers Act

To direct the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration to revise hiring practices for air traffic controller positions, to establish an Air Traffic Control Education and Training Advisory Committee, and for other purposes.


Read about it more here: http://www.opencongress.org/bill/hr5675-113/show

News Articles! *Updated May 28th

There have been a great amount of news articles and interviews that the media has been picking up lately in regards to the FAA's hiring practices.  Here are some of the big ones!


FAA changes hiring practices for ATC, CTI students passed over for jobs despite being qualified - Fox 10 Arizona


FAA's shift in hiring raises concerns - Chicago Tribune


29 U.S. House members demand FAA shed light on ATC Hiring - Chicago Tribune


School questions new FAA air traffic standards - Fox 30 Florida


Casey, Toomey, Rothfus Urge FAA to Give Fair Consideration to Community College of Beaver County Air Traffic Control Candidates Following Policy - Pennsylvania News


Air traffic students at Mt. SAC in Walnut tell congresswoman FAA diversity rules are unfair - San Gabriel Valley Tribune



CTI Student Connection Video Conference 4/1/2014

Chairman LoBiondo speaks to the recent FAA hiring changes

Senator Murray questions Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx on the FAA's new unfair hiring practices


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Both Senator Murray and Chairman LoBiondo have both publically questioned the recent FAA hiring changes and shown support for the CTI program. See News page for Clips.

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