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About CTI Student Connection

Welcome to the CTI Student Association webpage.

We are a brand new association created out of the need to form an alliance of CTI students, graduates and supporters from across the U.S.  We will strive to be a constructive Association with focus on sharing positive CTI news, accomplishments and educational resources.


The CTI student Association has identified both short-term and long-term goals.

Short-term goals will focus on the education and dissemination of information regarding the recent FAA hiring changes, which were unfavorable to CTI students and graduates. These students and graduates have dedicated years to their advancement of air traffic control knowledge, and need to stay appraised of any and all developments in this matter.


Long-term goals will focus on the fostering of communication between CTI students, graduates and schools from across the U.S. We will highlight achievements of CTI students in their community as well as help create a forum in which students can communicate, share educational resources and swap aviation’s news stories.



We will hold video-conferences every two weeks, always featuring new topics. Participants will be able to ask questions in a group chat forum to moderators, who will answer to the best of their abilities. We hope you can join us in this interactive way for students and graduates to discuss topics in real time.

Another great way to get in on the conversation is through our Facebook page. Our Facebook page can be found by clicking the “get social with us” link or by visiting https://www.facebook.com/groups/cticonnection/. Please note that the expectation for this forum is that participants maintain the highest professional standards. No offensive speech or language will be tolerated.

Organization Structure

The organizational structure for our association will be modeled after a matrix organizational structure, much like a simplified NATCA model. We would like a representative from each school, either a current student or a graduate. They will be the contact for students from their CTI program; they will take request, suggestions and critiques from their constituents and report them to - and communicate with -the executive board.  We are also looking for an Association Representative at most schools.
Please send an email to atcctisurvey@gmail.com if you are interested in contributing time to this good cause.


Executive Board
- Public Outreach/ Organization Contact- Moranda Reilly


- Technology Department and Web Design- Dan Bird


- Webpage assistance, Video Conference Moderator and Class Action Suit Liaison-  Andrew Brigida
(Note: The CTI Student Association is not directly affiliated with the class action suit, but being that many of our members are we thought it would be best to have a Liaison who is knowledgeable on the suit available for questions. The webpage www.cticlassaction.com is not run by the Association but can be referenced for more information).

- Media Communications Contact- Stephen Brown
(For more information click Media Tab above)



Executive Board Positions still available:
*CTI News and Accomplishments Liaison
*Graphic Designer


Joining the CTI Student Association
Membership types:
-Current Student
-Associate member (Faculty, Current controllers, supports of CTI)


All memberships are free. Because this is a student association, we want all to be able to access the “benefits” and “members only” pages without the barrier of an entrance fee. We do have a suggested donation of $5-$10 per member. This is a non-for-profit organization and all donations help fund web hosting, material cost and the cost of memberships to aviation organizations. (We hope to be able to join ATCA as an association).


Veterans are welcome
Veteran candidates are welcome. The CTI Student Association believes that VRA candidates were unjustly treated as result of the new hiring changes as well. The Association respects and is thankful to veterans for their service and hopes that they too will gain back their priority. VRA and CTI are partners in the cause to reverse the FAA hiring changes made in January 2014.

Why Join?

By joining the CTI Student Association you become more than one individual student or graduate: you become part of a collective. You unify with the rest of the CTI students and graduates from the across the county and become one body and one voice. Individual voices can often get lost in the shuffle but as unified group that represents one cause we become much larger than ourselves. By forming an association with a large member base we give credibility to our cause and are able to have a larger impact. We will strive to be a group of integrity that represents its members in a professional manner.

Members also gain access to the members only section of the website which includes education materials, talking points and breaking news.

Click on the membership tab at the top of our page to join now!


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Both Senator Murray and Chairman LoBiondo have both publically questioned the recent FAA hiring changes and shown support for the CTI program. See News page for Clips.

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